Job Skills Training

Provide job skills training to break the cycle of poverty
In communities of abject poverty, there are very few opportunities to find full-time work. The Job Skills Training Program provides an opportunity for the young people of our Local church Initiatives to acquire basic technical skills they need to enter the workforce, earn a stable income and re-write their futures.

In just eight weeks a young adult from one of our Local Church Initiatives can go from earning $2-3 a day to earning $8 a day. This 'hand-up' approach empowers young adults with employable job skills to break the cycle of poverty. 

ORPHANetwork’s Mission:  Rescue abandoned, abused and orphaned children, Prevent vulnerable children from becoming abandoned, Create opportunities for new life, and Share Christ with everyone.

ORPHANetwork partners with hundreds of local Nicaraguan churches to transform children’s lives and break cycles of poverty. We are focused on stewarding the resources given to us to maximize the Kingdom impact in the communities we serve. Our ministry operates with business principals understanding that, without God’s Blessing we can accomplish little. 

Thank you for your investment in the lives of the children and families served by ORPHANetwork.

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If you prefer to donate by mail, please send a check to:

2624 Southern Blvd., Suite 202
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For questions, contact us at or (757) 333-7200 (Tax ID #54-1983817)